2018 Ching Ming Festival in Dalian zoo

Only a month’s summer vacation.Maybe it is substantial or hollow.If not @臭咸鱼 post a Qzone,I will not write this posts.I always have three minutes hot.And I’m too lazy.Usually I want to write but don’t take actions.

Now I get a friend url.That’s @臭咸鱼.I think I will have some motion to update my blog.

There are my summer.

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Dear LZX.I really want to know do you love me.Very very very want to know.Is that because I think more,that I feel you like me.But sometime,it seems that you don’t want to talk with me.

Just like yesterday,we talked easily.Before you sleep,you even told me.And,”Good nighty(wan an an)” sound so cute.May be you just write wrong.But I’m happy.

How I want every day like yesterday.How about you?Really want to know how do you think of me.

Some old pages was lost.I will copy(write) them later.

Now,in college,I have more time,so my blog is starting again.

And I also want to practice my English by this way.

These from a Reading comprehension,I think they are beautiful.Something can tuch me.

For a long time it had seemed to me that life was about to begin–real life. But there was always some obstacle in the way,something to be gotten through first,some unfinished business,time still to be served,At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life.

So stop waiting until you finish school,until you go back to school;until you get married,until you get divorced;until you have kids;until you recite;until you get a new car or house;until spring;until you are born again to decide that there is no better time than right now to be happy.

So,Work like you don’t need money,love like you have never been hurt,and dance like no one’s waching.

I want to be a person like this.

Emm…I am so crazy about Blog.I have made many Blogs,but only crazy about three minutes.All of them had few passages.Every time I have made a Blog,I think I will get the Blog better and hold it on.But I have not done.

Recently,I made a NEW BLOG,as you can see.It’s here.

I wil write it in a new way.I will write it in English,just like this.Although my English isn’t very well,but I think it can improve my English ability.Besides,I find it more comfortable to write something in English than in Chinese.


Why did we go to Kaifeng

Last summer my friends asked me to go to kaifeng by bicycle.We had a good and unforgettable trip.

When they told me that,I couldn’t understand why should we ride to kaifeng?Why not take a bus?Are they kidding me?But I agreed with them finally,only to do something with them.I didn’t know how to get there and what to do,even to the extent that I didn’t have a Mountain Bike.I brought a bike and go with them.

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