Long time no write blog.

Maybe it’s time to write something.

I failed the CET 6

That’s a little sad. But I deserve it. Because I did not review it, even not recite words or do a test. To be honest, I think that the America drama will help me pass the test, but not. And the listening part let me feel bad. It seems that I know what he is speaking but I don’t know which one is the correct . The America drama made my listening ability level up, I can feel it. But to deal with the test, I still need to practice.

All in all, the laziness is the reason. I like English, I want to do well in it. But the learning process is a little boring, the word, the language grammar and so on.

The study

There are some courses I don’t like and some I like. The bad news is that the dislikes more than likes. I told myself don’t care it. I had study 12 years, the all things I had studied were all I liked? Definitely not. So don’t be sad about the major.

I often think that even if I live in the life I want this moment, what will I feel a week later, a month later? Will I am happy for so long? No. I will always longing the better life and never satisfied.

The Domain Name

I got the Domain Name yinyuwei.com recently. You ask me why? Having a website always makes me happy. The website is about her make me more happy. Maybe there are some other reasons. But I could not know so clearly. I think it’s hard to express in even Chinese. So just leave it my heart and my mind.

Something other

The experiment. The college innovative item. The reading book. The seeing movie. The grades. And so on, just let me crazy.

Maybe I should write blog more often. The writing of above is not fluent.