Emm…I am so crazy about Blog.I have made many Blogs,but only crazy about three minutes.All of them had few passages.Every time I have made a Blog,I think I will get the Blog better and hold it on.But I have not done.

Recently,I made a NEW BLOG,as you can see.It’s here.

I wil write it in a new way.I will write it in English,just like this.Although my English isn’t very well,but I think it can improve my English ability.Besides,I find it more comfortable to write something in English than in Chinese.


Why did we go to Kaifeng

Last summer my friends asked me to go to kaifeng by bicycle.We had a good and unforgettable trip.

When they told me that,I couldn’t understand why should we ride to kaifeng?Why not take a bus?Are they kidding me?But I agreed with them finally,only to do something with them.I didn’t know how to get there and what to do,even to the extent that I didn’t have a Mountain Bike.I brought a bike and go with them.

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